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Best Instructions: How to use MetaMask?

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MetaMask is a browser extension that acts as an Ethereum wallet for users who have invested in Ethereum. It installs like any other plugin, is free and secure. Wallets can be used to store ERC-20 tokens and Ethereum and to conduct transactions with other Ethereum addresses. It allows web applications to read and manipulate the Ethereum blockchain.

Many users are hesitant to use Dapps because they are difficult to use. A user can connect to her Dapps and spend coins in various apps such as games, trade currencies on exchanges, and using them he can access Defi apps like Compound and PoolTogether. increase.

How to use Metamask?

MetaMask is easy to use and easy to set up. It requires Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Opera.

step 1: Install Metamask in your browser

MetaMask Wallet can be downloaded from the official website of Downloading Software for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave), Android Phone or iPhone. After selecting the appropriate options, click Install MetaMas.

Alternatively, you can visit your browser store and download MetaMask. Go to the extension icon in the upper right corner of your browser and find the MetaMask option after downloading the software.

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In this blog, I will show you how to install MetaMask on Google Chrome. Other browsers will work similarly.

  • Click Install it as a Google Chrome extension.
  • Click Add to Chrome
  • Click Add extension.
  • After installing the extension in your browser, let’s proceed to create an account.

Step 2: create an account

  • Click the expand icon on the top right to open MetaMask.
  • Click Try Now to ensure you have the latest version.
  • Click Continue
  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters.
  • Make sure to use unique passwords that combine uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.
  • You have successfully set your password.
  • Click Show secret word. This section displays your 12-word seed or backup phrase. Copy each word in the order it appears on the screen. Word order is important when importing accounts to a new device.
  • Avoid storing phrases digitally, write down your seed phrases and keep them safe. Write it down carefully and click Next.
  • Confirm the secret phrase by selecting the previously generated phrases in the correct order.
  • Click Confirm.
  • Click Finish All to complete the setup process and you will be automatically logged into MetaMask. If you are logged out, you can log back in by clicking the browser icon.

Step 3: Deposit money

Click View Account to request access to your MetaMas wallet. A wallet consists of three components.

Public Address: You can share your public address with people and platforms such as exchanges to put cryptocurrencies into your wallet. You can find your unique address by clicking the Account 1 button. To automatically copy your public address, just click the layered square icon under Account 1. You need to make sure your token is compatible with MetaMask. Otherwise, you may lose your token. 

Buying and Sending Coins: Depositing and sending coins is a core feature of all wallets.

It is intuitive and easy to use. Before starting a transaction, you need to deposit Ether (native he Ethereum cryptocurrency) into your MetaMask wallet. Blockchain fees known as gas fees must be paid for every transaction on MetaMask.

The initial funds you put into your wallet will depend on the amount you want to trade through MetaMask. To buy cryptocurrency, simply click the buy button and you will be taken to a window where you can buy Ether on Wyre or CoinSwitch. You can buy Ether with your debit card or any other crypto token in your wallet.

To send MetaMask crypto assets to someone else’s wallet, enter the recipient’s public address in the space provided and specify the amount including gas charges.

Activity: This tab allows you to view your trading history.

This extension is always available in your browser. It is intuitive and easy to use. If you need to restore your account, don’t despair. Back up your account first.

How do I back up and restore my account with Seed Phrase?

If you change computers or use a different browser and want to reconnect your wallet. To recover your account, you will need to enter a seed phrase. You can find the expression as

  • Click the account icon
  • Click Settings
  • Click Show Seed Words.
  • Enter your password.

Now you can save the seed phrase. Now that your backup is complete, you can proceed with restoring your account.

  • Open MetaMas and click Import on the seed phrase.
  • Please enter a seed phrase
  • and create a strong password
  • Click Restore.

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Pros of Metamask

  • Only one plugin is required for many Dapps.
  • Easy to use and operate. No need to manage private keys. You must remember your password.
  • Save space by not having to download the Ethereum blockchain.
  • MetaMask is designed to work with Dapps.

Cons of Metamask

  • MetaMask keeps a private key in your browser.
  • Instead of full nodes, metamasks rely on external nodes. External nodes may experience downtime.

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